About Us

Eco Flooring UK was founded in 2008 by Jim Sanderson when he realised that hundreds of square metres of amazing quality solid wood flooring was being removed from demolition sites and literally thrown away to landfill. Through sheer drive, ambition and his natural talent for all things wood, Jim determined that he would create and design beautiful floors from the salvaged wood.

With over 20 years experience in the wood flooring industry, Eco Flooring has amassed a wealth of knowledge and skill. Our team are master craftsmen where reclaimed is concerned and our sympathetic approach to restoration is second to none. Eco Flooring has firmly placed itself as a leading contender in the UK wood-flooring marketplace,  specialising in the supply and installation of top quality, reclaimed solid wood flooring with the most amazing results.

Eco Flooring UK is a family run business whose work ethic is based on the principle of good old-fashioned customer service where client satisfaction is a number one priority as well as the supply of the highest quality wood flooring solutions which are ethically sourced either via reclamation or from managed woodland.

Among Eco Flooring's many credits is several instances working with Sarah Beeny, initially on "Beeny's Restoration Nightmare" then on "Double Your House for Half the Money". In "Beeny's Restoration Nightmare", Jim was responsible for bringing life back to the dilapidated solid wood flooring in Rise Hall (Sarah’s Grade II-listed house in East Yorkshire). Not only did Jim restore but he also crafted an amazing and striking reclaimed parquet floor in the bathroom areas. Sarah said: “Eco Flooring UK started in one room at Rise Hall and did such a beautiful job that they ended up rapidly working around most of the house. I was sceptical that anyone could save Rise Hall’s wooden floors, but Eco Flooring UK has exceeded my expectations and they now look amazing.”